Who We Are

Indy is a perfect mix of big and small. Using our size to our advantage, we ensure that we are nimble against the large overstretched agencies. From the art of shaping perception, to multi-channel integrated campaigns, our unique approach to creating campaigns will change the way people talk about your brand. We develop the vision and take creative risks with our purpose-led campaigns that turn brands into cultural beacons.

Indy is powered by a combination of marketing creativity, innovation and data intelligence. We focus on creating a universe of sensations and experiences for brands through innovative content. Our creative team are born from a variety of backgrounds including media, advertising and digital that love the art of storytelling. With a knack for understanding audiences and reading trends, we take pride on understanding what your digitally connected customers need today. We are redefining the way brands and people interact through creating extraordinary, culturally savvy, and wildly successful work that resonates deeply with consumers.


We are a fiercely creative independent agency that unites the art of branding, content, design, event, print and social. Our diverse and talented creative team care about creating innovative campaigns with a focus on quality of work above all else.


We shed light on the most unique part of your brands and develop a strategic foundation, then prioritise them by value and risk. We also look at culture-tracking trends that consistently develop your brand, delivering campaigns that exceed KPI’s.


We underpin our creative with a media mindset. Our goal is to make sure content lives beyond paid promotions, and the audience we are targeting actually listen. At Indy we focus on optimising engagement at every single touch point of your brand.

Innately Social

We value the power of influence. Indy creates a broad array of social media and user driven programming focusing on engagement. We put the consumer at the centre of experiences making sure campaigns are distributed, tweeted, posted and shared.

The Strategic Storytelling

The future belongs to the brands and people who best tell their stories to the world. Brands whose stories and content provoke emotion. We help your brand stories travel further and faster.

Marketing + Activation

We’re obsessed with launching and growing the brands we create.Our marketing team develops and executes strategic campaigns that the whole world will see.

Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Great innovation and the desire to generate growth drives the team at Indy. We want to use our expertise to develop something extraordinary. If the technology doesn’t exist, we create it.

Deep Consumer Intelligence

We provide data driven creative that addresses business challenges and demonstrate how big data can lead to growth. We do this through examining customer behaviour patterns using big data analytics and identifying the value potential.

Naming + Brand Identity

Rooted in our strategic foundation, we create distinct names that people remember, and that set your business up for success. We move from our strategic foundation into a rich visual identity that gets the world talking and consumers engaging.